Meet Richard Kovari

or you may also know me as

Name: Richard Kovari
Age: 27
Location: Budapest, Hungary

I am a web developer, a musician, a gamer, a translator. People say I got a good sense of humor, and I'd like to meet the demands. Since my childhood I wanted to make big things. Things which alter our world and affect many people, helping them in their everyday life, or making the days easier, happier. In a nutshell, express myself and contribute.

I play the drums, and I cook for the ones I love. I like fantasy, artifical intelligence and rock music. I want to live forever, so I have time to realize my ideas and try everything that interests me.

I don't like tuna, and inconsequence.


Academy of Keszthely - Gabor Denes Foiskola

September 2011 - 2013


Budapest University of Technology and Economics

September 2009 - February 2011
September 2013 - 2016

Informatics Engineer

Munkacsy Mihaly Secondary Grammar School

February 2006 - June 2009


Vajda Janos Secondary Grammar School

September 2005 – February 2006




Total Studio Kft.

January 2016 -

Web programmer, site builder, designer

Jacsomedia LTD

June 2015 - September 2015

Web, and application programmer, designer ►

I could develop my skills in programming and design at a very fast pace. I have learned many new things and the projects were mostly interesting and challenging. I'm got familiar with different WCMS and new techologies as well.


September 2013 -

Participating in startups, making smaller webpages for different needs. ►

I helped founding Hetifilm Kft. and made the first 3 website versions which is a company providing subscription based movie access.

I also take part in my cousin's informatics and electronics trade company. We are currently looking for more wholesale and/or supplier companies in favor of our expanding. Due to the fact that we needed a webshop, I have started to dig deeper in the tunnels of responsive webdesign.

In the remaining time I'm designing and building websites for smaller groups, companies, or friends.

Rigofeszek Etterem - Restaurant

June 2012 - September 2012

Waiter, advisor, designer ►

I have worked 4 months here, but it seemed much longer because I took part in almost every aspect of the trade, for I had plenty experience in the business. I could apply all my knowledge I've got while working in the family business, and I had to, because this restaurant was heavily relying on me and my advices, for the owners had "only" ran a pub before. I have also designed the image and advertising of the company, because the place has been closed for several years (and was closed for around 2 years again after I've left) and we had to make it popular again.


Youth Football Festival 2010

July 2010

Organizer, computer system administrator ►

The INTERSPORT Youth Football Festival has been one of the largest European youth tournaments in football for several years, held in Kaposvar. My responsibilities were to process all the incoming data (pictures, results, lists, etc) and gather the relevant information for the teams and also to present the filtered pictures and the updated brackets on the website.



April 2010 - May 2010

Stock and material mover (student employment) ►

This was my second job on my way to self-sufficiency. I didn't really have a choice with this one, because I had to make a living, so I've worked night shifts, weekends, whenever I could. It was a monotonous physical work, where we had to oversee conveyor belts, move things to the machines, pack, unpack, load products.


Tax and Financial Control Administration of Kaposvar

February 2010 - March 2010

Data recorder (student employment) ►

I had to record all the personal income tax returns into the computer system based on the printed forms, people have mailed. It only required good touch typing and tolerance for monotony. We have worked on a per page basis, so we had to press ourselves to gain a passable salary.


Panorama Etterem - restaurant

June 2005 – Summer of 2014

Waiter, administrator, manager ►

I have worked in the family business, mainly as a waiter, but I was also responsible for several background works including the set-up of the POS system of the restaurant, the web-page, and administration tasks as well. I've worked there mostly in the summers and weekends, but I could develop great skills in communication, accounting and multitasking, for it was required at handling and organizing events such as birthdays, weddings, graduation parties. I've also got good people skills and the reason is that I was helping with the job applications and practically all the HR works. Last but not least I needed logistics to plan the supplying of the restaurant, and even go and get the goods by car by myself.



First I have started to translate movies and series. I think one of the best ways to improve one's English, is watching them in English with your mother tongue's subtitles (after a while with English subtitles even). But sadly the repertoire was more or less awful. People who have translated (and currently translating) these subs, have no vocabulary or knowledge of idioms, which really give the core of some movies. I wanted to give people the pure and correct experience, but I have failed. It's because no matter how much I've worked on one movie or episode, people tend to use and go the ordinary routes. So besides 10-20 downloads, I couldn't compete with the ones who were in the "game" for a longer time. And in the end, the users who don't speak much English won't notice the difference, and for the others, they are just horrified and try to ignore most of the subtitles, paying attention to the parts they can't catch or don't understand correctly.

After that I've volunteered to translate smaller contracts, business letters, and eventually applications, games and programs.

If someone doesn't know about Rainmeter, it is a desktop customization tool, allowing you to set your own meters and informations such as memory and battery power, RSS feeds, weather forecasts, etc. All these informations are highly customizable and there are many so called skins on the web you can use, or even customize them for fitting your own needs. There were some other volunteers to translate, but in the end I was the only one who stood still. I'm very proud of it, and have seen many people use it. (there are forums, where you can show off your desktop, and I saw them using the Hungarian version of Rainmeter)

I don't think I have to introduce VLC to anyone. Everyone has used it at least for a short period of time. It is a versatile media player, and the VLC Remote is an awesome invention. Created by Hobbyist Software, it allows you to use your phone (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone) to control the VLC running on your computer. You can browse your movies, music, add subtitles, make playlists, and I think this is one of the greatest features: If someone calls you, it automatically pauses the movie you are watching. It's just great :)

This is my first big game translation project, which I have started with many others (there were around 20 of us), but I got many parts to translate which someone has already started to translate, and I was disappointed that the situation was the same as with movie/series subtitles. It was like people have used google translate and just threw the translated words one by one after each other. They don't even think if it makes sense in Hungarian, or not. Yet I had disagreement even with the better translators, and I think I'm going to release a modified version when it gets finished. You will be able to download it here, but it will take some time for the 5 of us who remained in the team, and even after I will go back and change all the related parts to my taste.
You can download the official version from the magyaritasok.hu portal

I have recently started to contribute to the localization of reddit in Hungarian. I don't know how much of my fellow Hungarians use reddit, but again I think it's quite popular, and for the people who don't speak good English could be a great help. The current reader count of the Hungary subreddit is 5000+, so in the end I might help out some people.


Recent web works


You can write me an e-mail to richard_kovari@verychard.com
or reach me via Linkedin Linkedin or Skype Skype